banQi is the Via's digital bank, focused on Casas Bahia customers.

I coordinate the Product Design team and directly manage 4 people, working in the Credit and Marketplace tribes, which include the following products: e-commerce, Buy Now Pay Later, loans, credit cards, among others.

The Loan product required a redesign of payment flows, with a view to reducing costs and increasing efficiency.




Product Design Manager




banQi had many unnecessary CX tickets for users to anticipate payments and the main method was the boleto (an invoice with a barcode, which has a higher cost for the company) and we needed to implement the payment by balance.

We made a huge desk research to find out what competitors provided to costumers and what was the main features. We also used all the data available for improve the discovery.

After designing the new userflow and user interfaces, we run usability tests to ensure that the new solution was solid and would bring the expected results.

In addition to the features, we implemented a lot of UI improvements, like microinteractions, user feedbacks, new text with a better voice, and new components.


We reduced the payments by boleto expressively and the new method has become the main choice.

With the anticipation feature has also reduced signifantively the CX tickets.

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Costs reduced

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