Bradesco Seguros

I conducted a UX research project for Bradesco Seguros, the largest insurance company in Brazil, with the objective of improving communication on their claims and reimbursement pages.


Bradesco Seguros


UX Consultant




Bradesco Seguros offers insurance products in various areas such as Automobile, Health, Home, and General Assets.

Many of their customers struggled to understand technical terms like "Sinistros" (claims) and "Apólice" (policy), which are very complicated and techincal words in portuguese, leading to confusion when they needed to make requests on the website. Furthermore, the usability of the automobile insurance pages was poor and outdated.

As a UX consultant, I conducted a quantitative card sorting study using the Optimal Workshop platform. I differentiated between profiles that had previously filed claims, those who hadn't, and experienced users.

Additionally, I performed a heuristic analysis of the pages, identifying key usability issues and proposing valuable improvements.


A few months after the presentation to the product executives and subsequently implementation, it was possible to see remarkable results. The website's efficiency increased, leading to a subsequent decrease in phone inquiries. The redesigned communication improved customer understanding of insurance terms and simplified the process of filing claims and seeking reimbursements, specially in the automobile vertical.The usability enhancements enhanced the overall user experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a reduction in support calls.

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