Locaweb is the largest web hosting and cloud company in Brazil. The company started in 1998 and that's why many of its flows were legacy from that time.

The process of purchasing and registering domains was one of those, and for that reason it had an out-dated user interface with big conversion problems.




Product Designer




Users faced several usability problems and did not understand why they should do some necessary validations in the domain registration flow, especially in the ".com.br" tld.

This issue greatly impacted domain conversion and product revenue.We had the goals and OKRs to improve the conversion in the domain flow and explore the cross-sell step, so people could roll an online name and also purchase a related product, like a hosting or email.

I was responsible for benchmarking with competitors and interviewing users to understand their pain points and raise opportunities.

With these insights, I conducted a collaborative workshop with the squad and marketing, as well as other stakeholders, to build a Service Blueprint, where we mapped the entire user journey, as well as the different scenarios and errors that could happen.

After this step, I designed wireframes and a prototype to carry out moderate usability tests, which made me identify some improvements and thus build the final file.


The new user interface was implemented through A/B testing, and we saw a significant increase in conversion. The Cross-Sell stage exceeded our expectations.

We increased our investment in paid media for domains, as it was cheaper, and we reduced our investments in ads for other products, maintaining the number of sales. Thus, we reduce the acquisition cost significantly.

You can find the Axure file with the all the user interface and also the feature presentation.

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