PicPay is a fintech with more than 50 million customers and one of its main challenges is always to increase its security.

Many users struggled to access their accounts because they forgot the password and didn't have the email and phone registered anymore. The support team was overloaded and back in the 2020 it was the main contact reason.




Sr Product Designer




PicPay did not have an automatic flow for people who accessed their accounts with outdated information, so all adjustments had to be done manually by the SAC. This generated a very high operating cost, with many tickets and interactions, and great customer dissatisfaction.

I conducted several internal interviews with the operational, anti-fraud and CX areas to understand the issues from a company and user point of view. The data team also provided us with quantitative information about users and topic relevance.

So, alongside with the PM, we mapped technologies and suppliers that could help us, finding facial biometrics and documentoscopy tools to automate the process, which was completely manual before.

The final solution allows the user to inform that he/she has no longer access to the registered email and phone number, and thus can update this data and change the password just by taking a selfie, and in some cases, taking a photo of an ID.


The project had reduced in the number of opening tickets in the support team and we didn't have any issue with more frauds.

You can find the Figma file with the all the user interface and also the feature presentation.

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