PicPay is a fintech with more than 50 million customers and one of its main challenges is always to increase its security.

Many users suffer from fraud and hacked accounts and there was no easy way to report suspicious access to the security team to block it properly.




Sr Product Designer




I developed an simple device management functionality that provides users with a more efficient way to control access to their accounts. Through this feature, users can view all devices connected to their account and report them, eliminating the need for relying on emails and contacting CX for such purposes.

To ensure the effectiveness of the project, I started by conducting benchmarks to analyze the best practices in the market. Then, based on the design system, I created the user interfaces, aiming for an intuitive and pleasant user experience.

To validate the usability of the functionality, I conducted moderate usability tests, which allowed me to gather valuable feedback and identify possible areas for improvement.

With the device management functionality in place, users have complete control over who has access to their accounts, being able to quickly and easily identify and report any suspicious activity.


The expected outcome of this project was a significant reduction in the number of compromised accounts, by facilitating the way users can report.

You can find the Figma file with the final screens and all the references.

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